Quality Education For All 

No child's education should be determined by their zip code. Morgan Cephas is committed to ensuring that all families in the 192nd have access to high quality education. Morgan is for strategic approaches to funding education to ensure that we are producing literate adults and critical thinkers who are ready to meet the needs of our modern, information driven economy. Morgan is dedicated to creating college-ready and career-ready students within the 192nd district by increasing internship opportunities and expanding career and technical education programs in schools. 






Renewed Economic and Employment Opportunity

As Philadelphia experiences a renewal in development and job opportunities, the 192nd District cannot afford to be left behind. Secure employment opportunities are essential for all generations of the 192nd District. Morgan will fight to ensure that the members of our communities are able to gain and secure quality employment through economic and workforce development. Morgan understands the need to rebuilding a district that attracts industry and small business alike, and will work to ensure that residents have skills for the jobs available and access to them. Morgan will advocate for tax policy that benefits business and workers and she will stand firm in the fight for raising the minimum wage.   



Protecting Our Seniors 

Seniors can't wait for on-the-job training, and can no longer afford missed opportunities. After many years of working hard and paying their dues as citizens, the seniors of our communities deserve affordable housing with access to programs and services that meet their needs. Seniors should not have to choose between their health and their housing. They deserve to live peacefully, fearlessly and inclusively. To ensure our seniors are able to retire in dignity, Morgan Cephas will be sure to advocate for expanding medical clinics in retail stores for benefits and services, work to create policy that will dismantle food insecurity and create access to both affordable housing and fair employment opportunities for seniors.