Philadelphia, PA – On Saturday, February 1, Morgan Cephas announced her re-election  at a petition party slash campaign kick-off event at Mingle in West Philadelphia. Cephas, the incumbent for the PA House 192nd District, is seeking her 3rd re-election -- she  was first elected in 2016. The 192nd District encompasses the Overbrook, Wynnefield, Haddington and Overbrook Farms neighborhoods of West Philadelphia.

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Checkout What I have Been Up To

Since my induction, I have been working hard on improving the 192nd and securing the resources we need to improve quality education for all and improve economic and employment opportunities. I have also partnered with key stakeholders both internal and external to the district in order bring awareness to essential issues pertaining to my constituency. Please read a few news articles and publications I have been mentioned in.

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Thank You For Your Support!

Two months ago, your overwhelming support led #TeamCephas2016 to a victory in the Tuesday April 26th primary election. As expected, just more than 7,000 supporters came out on Election Day and helped to secure 44.52% of the total vote. I am honored to know that the 192nd believes that I am #ReadyOnDayOne to advocate for our community’s issues in Harrisburg and to work together to renew the 192nd Legislative District, block by block.

#TeamCephas2016 could not have done this without you! Thank you for opening your doors, spreading the word and contributing to our campaign efforts to get the job done.

As we prepare for the upcoming November election, I know that I will need your support in order to once again be victorious and to begin planning for a new beginning for the District. Throughout the remainder of the year, I will be hosting a series of events and discussions that speak to ensuring our seniors are not retiring into poverty, our youth have access to quality education, and our community is being built to increase public safety, attract new businesses and improve the overall quality of life for our residents. Let’s get to work!


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On the Trail #Recap

On the Trail #Recap

It's been a few weeks since I’ve had the chance to keep in touch via the #Racetothehouse blog, but #TeamCephas has surely been busy on the trail. Meet & greets with community residents, fundraisers, candidate forums, door knocking, phone banking, and much more! I’ve had a great time taking the opportunity to discuss the issues facing our community and outlining a vision for the 192nd with so many members of the district.

This past Saturday was one of our biggest Get-Out-the-Vote efforts. #TeamCephas hosted a Philly Spring Clean Up at Shepard Recreation Center, an Election Day Training with over 100 volunteers, a 50 car Motorcade and a rally featuring Lady B and DJ Touch Tone at Calabash.

In addition to staying connected to the neighbors of the 192nd, I’ve been busy meeting with key stakeholders in Philadelphia to discuss the importance of this race and the issues facing our residents.


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#Racetothehouse Issue 10

On the Trail

On the trail this week my team and I ramped up the coffee klatches, meet & greets and fundraising! I’ve had the chance to speak with some great people, share my vision and gain supporters along the way. 

By meeting the constituents where they are we minimize barriers, thus increasing productivity of the conversations. At in-home coffee klatches and meet & greets, we, as neighbors, each share our perspectives and as a community organizer and leader, I have the opportunity to share my plans for our district. Topics of conversation continue to be focused around education, job opportunities, safe streets and resources for seniors. It is clear to me that the neighbors of the 192nd have the same concerns and hopes for our neighborhoods as I do. I look forward to continuing these needed conversations and working together to help move our communities forward. 

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#Racetothehouse Issue 9

On the Trail Talking to People

#TeamCephas2016 has been busy on the trail attending community events, fundraisers and continuing our door knocking and phone banking efforts. On Thursday, February 18th, I shared the room with young trailblazers, paving the way for Philadelphia’s future, at a Fundraiser sponsored by Freundlich & Littman, LLC. On Saturday I had the chance to mix and mingle with community members at the neighborhood Bala Inn Restaurant where I had a great time connecting and talking to residents of the 192nd about their issues including town and gown, veterans support, small business growth, and much more. Thanks to the neighbors of the 192nd who opened their homes this week to talk issues and platform at in-home meet and greets. I talked with voters about increasing access to quality pre-k, creating job opportunities for all generations and policies we should create to protect our seniors. I would like to send a special thank you to the hosts of each event; it is the effort of my supporters that will help to gain the victory on April 26th, and ultimately in November! I hope to see you at our upcoming fundraisers and meet and greets to talk issues and share with you my plans for the 192nd. It is an important part of my campaign to be a listening ear to concerned citizens. 

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#Racetothehouse Issue 8

On the TrailIMG_4148.JPG

The campaign is officially into high gear! We’ve been busy on the trail knocking on doors, visiting neighborhood businesses and mingling with community members. I had a chance to talk public safety and community development with the Overbrook Park Town Watch; I spoke with seniors about technology and generational unity and made it to the Wynnefield Residents Association meeting to encourage residents to stay involved in our neighborhoods education conversation. I always enjoy discussing plans for the 192nd with community residents.


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#Racetothehouse Issue 7

On the Trail



On Monday I took a trip to the State Capitol to file my nominating petitions with the PA Department of State for my candidacy as State Representative for the 192nd District. With over 1,000 signatures in hand, I chose to file a week early because the 192nd District can't afford to wait for the leadership we need. This is a pivotal moment for us as we are charged with the task of choosing a leader who can honor our legacy while building our future. I will continue to connect directly to the people to let them know that I am that leader. I have a strong team working hard to meet every neighbor before the April 22nd Primary Election. One step closer along our #racetothehouse, #Cephas2016 is ready to kick it into high gear! If we haven’t seen you yet, we will see you soon.

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#RacetothehouseIssue 6

On the Trail

Barbershop and Salon Socials Tour IMG_3898.PNG

As a lifelong resident of the 192nd Legislative District, it has always been my philosophy to meet the people where they are. Over the last few weeks I’ve been making stops to neighborhood barbershops and salons as a part of my Barbershop and Salon Socials Tour, to meet and greet residents and business owners in the district as they continue upon their daily activities. Topics of conversation ranged from criminal justice reform to increasing academic and athletic programs for our youth and young adults. It is always a pleasure gaining insight on the perspectives of community members. The best way to effectively impact our communities is to be in the know of what’s happening on the streets and to be both knowledgeable and understanding of what’s directly affecting our neighbors. What better way to stay in the loop than to engage in “chair-talk” in local barbershops and hair salons. It's been such a great time connecting with all of you!

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#Racetothehouse Issue 5

On the TrailIMG_3796(1).JPG

Over the past few weeks I stayed busy meeting with community organizations that serve as direct links to community members. Actively engaging with participants and hearing about issues from their perspective is an important part of my campaign and will be a central focus of my office as State Representative for the 192nd. I was privileged to be invited to speak to members of District 1199C about the need for security for our seniors so that they will not have to retire into poverty. Also, I joined Green Hill Farms Civic Association members to discuss public safety concerns in the community. 


I ended the week with a visit to 900AM-WURD with Sam Staten Jr. of Laborers Local 332 to talk about my #racetothehouse, focusing on the campaign, issues facing the 192nd district and the future of Philadelphia’s elected leadership. I value partnerships with civic organizations that help to create vital communities in the district. It is these organizations that help to build a bridge between policy makers and community members leading to the legislation needed to build and maintain communities. Along the way, I like to share my work and vision for the district because I believe that offering transparency to constituents is essential to building trust within the community. In the end, it is teamwork and community building that helps to keep the neighbor in neighborhood. 

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