#Racetothehouse Issue 9

On the Trail Talking to People

#TeamCephas2016 has been busy on the trail attending community events, fundraisers and continuing our door knocking and phone banking efforts. On Thursday, February 18th, I shared the room with young trailblazers, paving the way for Philadelphia’s future, at a Fundraiser sponsored by Freundlich & Littman, LLC. On Saturday I had the chance to mix and mingle with community members at the neighborhood Bala Inn Restaurant where I had a great time connecting and talking to residents of the 192nd about their issues including town and gown, veterans support, small business growth, and much more. Thanks to the neighbors of the 192nd who opened their homes this week to talk issues and platform at in-home meet and greets. I talked with voters about increasing access to quality pre-k, creating job opportunities for all generations and policies we should create to protect our seniors. I would like to send a special thank you to the hosts of each event; it is the effort of my supporters that will help to gain the victory on April 26th, and ultimately in November! I hope to see you at our upcoming fundraisers and meet and greets to talk issues and share with you my plans for the 192nd. It is an important part of my campaign to be a listening ear to concerned citizens. 

Policy #OntheIssue

Pennsylvania’s School Funding Crisis

A few weeks ago, PA governor Tom Wolf presented his 2016-2017 budget address. In the address he spoke of the crisis of the Commonwealth. A part of this crisis is the suffering of our children’s education. It has suffered, it is suffering, and until something is done, it will continue to suffer.

Did you know that according to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s constitution, it is the legal responsibility for the state to ensure that our children have access to a “thorough and efficient system of public education.” Currently, the State of Pennsylvania faces a class action lawsuit, brought on by school districts, families and organizations from across the state. This crisis Gov. Wolf  speaks of is all too real. In 2012 over twenty elementary, middle and high schools were put out of operation in the city of Philadelphia. More than three years later the Superintendent of the Philadelphia Public School District gave notice of the possibility that schools in the district could cease operation at the beginning of 2016 due to the budget impasse. The schools remained open but our fight is not over; classrooms are overcrowded, teachers are overloaded, there are no counselors, there are no nurses; yet, our children are still in school.  Many are hopeful that the case against the state will go to trial to help enforce the legal responsibility our state has regarding our education system.

Just last week I spoke with community members in the 192nd about the closure of Beeber Middle School in the Wynnefield section of the city. Closing Beeber Middle School and expanding our elementary schools without an adequate plan is not a good option for our neighborhoods.  We need a plan and we need it now. We need action and we need it now; our children need it now. If elected State Representative for the 192nd, I plan to go to Harrisburg to fight for the education our children deserve. Offer plans for education and education funding based on models that have proven success rates.

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Stay tuned for our upcoming fundraisers and meet & greet events to be held right in your neighborhood!

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